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Q. How does your rental service operate?
A. At Aspley workwear we purchase new stock with no capital outlay to you for your exclusive use. The stock is dedicated to each customer by means of a unique discreetly and permanently marked identifier to ensure it is always sent back to the same customer

Q. Can you launder our own purchased items?
A. We can deliver, collect and launder linen and garments which you own under a contractual agreement. Following discussion with you we will discreetly mark all of your items ensuring their safe passage through our laundry and delivery system back to your premises.

Q. Can we add and reduce the stock items during the course of the agreement?
A. Yes (subject to certain terms and conditions).

Q. How does the invoice system work?
A. Depending on the type of service chosen, either on a calendar monthly basis (this will be a single combined invoice and statement) or a weekly invoice showing each consignment separately with a consignment number to cross reference to documentation that will accompany each consignment.

Q. How often will delivery and collection take place?
A. Our representative will set up a plan with you which will take account of your daily stock requirement, your storage capacity on site and the frequency of our vehicle calling in your area.

Q. What time of day will delivery and collection take place?
A. This will have to be of our choosing to fit in with operational practicalities, but once a pattern has been established, each day we call, we endeavour to stick to a consistent time (traffic / weather conditions permitting). 

Q. What after sales service back up will we receive as a customer?
A. There are local dedicated teams whose sole responsibility is to be available to talk to customers either on the phone or by way of visit.

Q. How is the initial installation of stock carried out?
A. Your dedicated representative will deliver the stock initially, this will be followed up by an installation visit from one of our trained service representatives. This will include:
> Provision of important local contact phone / fax numbers
> Practical advice on the storage of linen
> Ensuring you have laundry bags / cages to use
> Use of the laundry books provided and checking laundry in and out
> Procedure for any sub-standard stock found
> How to make best use of our web site
> If the service includes garments, checking the “fit” with the wearers.

Q. Does Aspley workwear have a Rental Price List?
A. We do not have a price list because we quote to satisfy your bespoke requirements.

Q. Will I always receive good quality stock?
A. Yes. At Aspleys we purchase and supply brand new dedicated stock for each customer so that you are able to allocate your cash resources elsewhere in your business. We discreetly and permanently mark the stock for your exclusive use.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please call us or email info@aspleyworkwear.co.uk