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Washroom services and items

Add Aspley washroom services to your account and we will take care of your staff washroom services and appliances. Offering the same pick up and delivery services that comes with our workwear rental, our team make sure freshly washed towels are available every day and we can supply all the other appliances and services that every well looked after washroom needs.

Feminine Hygeine
To comply with the legal requirements of UK and Ireland every cubicle in a public premises that is likely to be used by females must have a facility to dispose of sanitary waste in a hygienic and environmentally sound manner.

Our 'FemiBin' Sanitary disposal units provide you with a discreet, professionally-managed service so the sanitary bins are replaced on a regular basis with the minimum of disruption to your business. The 'FemiBin' sanitary disposal bins are completely changed on each service meaning there is no emptying on-site and bins are taken away and properly and rigorously cleaned and sterilised for each service. Each sanitary bin is charged with a suspended 'Bioforce' germicidal agent to reduce any chance of odours, and to kill bacteria inside the disposal unit and is effective against HIV, Hepatitis B and C and more.

Sanitary bins may be pedal or sensor-operated, both of which eliminate the need for hand contact and are available in white, black & chrome.

Cabinet, roller towels and loose towels

From fluffy fresh hand towels freshly delivered and collected every day to practical cabinet towels we can provide exactly what you need.

Wall mounted hand driers
Hygienic, low maintenance and incredibly efficient we can supply and fit a wide range of wall mounted hand driers if you want to avoid the ongoing demands of fresh towelling.

Soap dispensers and refills
Part of our range of washroom hygiene products we can also supply and install quality soap dispensers and make sure you are stocked with consumable refills.

Contact us now about washroom services or to add this to your existing service agreement.